November 29, 2013

A Year of Gratitude

They say that the key to being a better writer is simple: write more.

They say that the key to being a happier person is simple: be grateful.

They say that the key to being less misunderstood is simple: share more of yourself.

So, here's the goal of this project.  I'm too self-loathing to journal ("Nobody wants to sift through my crap."), but I recognize the benefits of a daily immersion into writing and gratitude. I'm challenging myself to sit every day (or as close to every day as possible) and muse on someone or something that I'm thankful for.  Someone or something that helped define who I am.  Perhaps it's a person whose birthday was that day, or someone who died on that day.  Perhaps it's an important historical event.  Whatever the influence, I want to share a bit about the origin of that influence, and what it showed me about life, and possibly grant some perspective into who I am... for anyone interested in reading this stuff.  No script, no plan, no editing.  Just a verbal "unwind" of that day's topic.

As I make my way back to a life where I actually speak and act on my thoughts and re-learn how to verbalize my inner thoughts, this is - quite simply - good exercise for me.


  1. I am behind you all the way! And grateful I get to read your reflections. Wow.

  2. Hey A-dot-D,
    Is there any way to view the blog starting here, at the first post, and take the journey with you chronogically? That's the view I'm most fascinated by.

  3. Judy: There is a "calendar date" view page that will let you check them out in a forward-order (or randomly select, based on subject. It's in the banner at the header of the page. I started last year in late November.

    The URL is: